Do I need a website to make this work?
No. Bobbit works independently of your website and social media. We take care of the software, security, and deleting details after 21 days (according to government guidelines at the time).
How quickly can you get things up and running?
Once you sign up, and pay for your first month, as long as we have all the details we need, your service can be set up within a maximum of 24 hours, usually less. We’ll email you all the logins you need, and your personalised registration page, and QR code for customers to use when they arrive.
Can you build this on my server / website?
Sorry no. We are the Data Controller for this system and have absolute confidence in our systems and security. We could, however, build a bespoke vesion of the system for larger customers but this would still have to hosted on our servers.
Who are you? Why should we trust you with our data?

We are developers who have been developing booking and appointment systems for the hospitality trade for over 20 years. We are Brilliant Bookings Ltd (Company Registration No.: 10499393), and we build high performance, secure, well maintained websites to meet our customer’s needs.

Ping us an email on enquiries@bobbit.uk to arrange a call from us to answer any questions you have.

Can I get a refund?
We charge a ‘per month’ fee for our services, and are offering one of the best value products. We believe you’ll love our product. Unfortunately we don’t offer refunds after the service has been set up. However, you only need to cancel your next month’s payment with your credit card company, and you won’t be billed any more.
What happens with the data?

The data is stored on our server for 21 days, after which it is permanently deleted. No access to the data is possible apart from by you, the business owner / operator through a secure portal, or by our senior technicians. We will only access the data for your business if required by law, or if servicing our systems to help with your experience and service.

For Snack level customers, registrations are emailed to you. You must delete these after 21 days, and when no longer needed. Our servers will keep all details for 21 days, and so, if required by law, and authorised by you we can extract data as required.

NHS Track and Trace may ask for details of customers who used your facilities on a particular day. This might be that someone who used your premises has developed Covid-19, and they will need to contact others to ask them to self isolate.
Apart from that, nothing happens with the data, other than it being deleted after 21 days. We do not pass on your data to anyone, other than you, and otherwise if required by law.
For Main and Feast levels, we can provide links to your website, social pages, and mailing list sign up if you wish. It is up to you to develop and show your privacy policies for these services yourself.

What happens if NHS Track & Trace need some of my customer details?
For snack level customers, your customer data is emailed to you each time someone registers. For Main course, and feast levels, the data is accessible via your secure login page. All details are available to scroll through for 21 days. For ease, they are shown in date / time order with the newest arrivals at the top. If required by NHS Track & Trace, and authorised by you, we can access data to provide a bulk list of arrivals for any given day showing the date and time of registration.


For any business which is complying with the Covid-19 easing of restrictions. A simple method for visitors to register their visit. 


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